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"Rectify June 4th Verdict. Fight Till The Very End."

To commeorate the 25th aniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, the HK Alliance has prepared a series of events, among them a Ching Ming wreath laying ceremony, a 25 km long distance run, a lecture series about interaction between Hong Kong and China, a kite-flying outing activist-style, a demonstration, and of course, the annual candlelight vigil at Victoria Park. Do join us! The full list of our events can be found here. Some events require fees or registration. Download the list and form here. →Go to our event page »

Szeto Wah

The permanent June 4th Museum - Mission and Vision

The permanent June 4th Museum opened at the eve of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Its purpose is to re-enact the peaceful pro-democracy, anti-corruption movement, the Beijing government's brutal crackdown, and the subsequent denunciations that reverberated across the global Chinese community. The Communist Party of China has sought to wipe out the people's memory of the bloodshed and halt any discussions of the subject. In Hong Kong, where we still enjoy freedom of expression, we have the responsibility to preserve history, to impart truths, to awaken our collective conscience, to vindicate the movement, and to spark reflections on the future of democracy in China. The memorial is thus a testimony to the Alliance's resolve to achieve its five goals: release of the dissidents, rehabilitation of the June Fourth movement, accountability for the massacre, an end to one-party dictatorship and a democratic China.

The Memorial seeks to combine commemoration, education, reflection and participation, so that these historical truths presented here may inspire visitors to feel, think and take part in the democratic movement.

May we see, in the near future, the Goddess of Democracy's return to Tiananmen Square and a permanent June 4th Museum in Beijing.

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